Don’t Rush to the Resurrection

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 11.19.56 AM.pngGood Friday comes around once a year. And although followers of Jesus should frequently reflect upon the death of our Lord and what was accomplished, this one day out of the year we corporately come together and abide in a more serious reflection on what occurred at Calvary.

I think that it can be easy during this celebration of Holy Week to move quickly from the Death to the Resurrection, but the problem with that is if you don’t soak in the terrible and wonderful realities of the death of Christ, you won’t benefit as much as you could in taking in the glory of the resurrection. So what are these realities? Many, but one that I find extraordinary is that the death of Christ is the greatest paradox that the world has ever seen. There, arguably, the greatest act of sin occurred, but simultaneously the greatest act of love occurred. Continue reading “Don’t Rush to the Resurrection”

The Glory of Christ


Every Christian should meditate and dwell on Scripture. But the below passage especially should be one of the keystones of our Scripture memorization. It’s definitely one of the steaks of Scripture so to speak. To summarize the previous posts in Ephesians, I would say this: We see the inheritance of God given, the predestination of God explained, the gospel of God proclaimed, the sealing of the Spirit applied, and all for this purpose: to the praise of the glory of God’s grace in Christ. Let’s dig further…

Continue reading “The Glory of Christ”

The Seal of the Spirit

Ephesians-2The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is a teaching throughout Scripture that is very cloudy in our modern day. There’s a lot of teaching today that attributes work to the Spirit that He doesn’t do and a lot of teaching that lacks in informing us of what He does do. It’s so unfortunate because He has a great ministry in this world and in the life of a believer. There is an extensive description given in John 14-16 of who He is and what He does. To summarize it, Jesus teaches us that the Spirit is our Helper, who will be with us forever (John. 14:16), that He is our guide who will lead us into all the truth (John. 16:13), and that His ministry is one of conviction (John. 16:8), showing people they are sinners in need of God’s grace. To summarize a summary, the Spirit’s primary ministry is the glorify Jesus (John. 16:14). That description alone narrows down how we can know when we see Him working. To give one example then, if the truth of the gospel is being heralded in a church, we can know the Spirit is at work! And it is in this proclamation of the gospel that something else amazing happens… the sealing of the Spirit! In Ephesians 1:13-14, the Spirit is revealed as the one who has sealed the believer, but what does it mean to be sealed by the Holy Spirit? Continue reading “The Seal of the Spirit”

The Purpose of Everything


The universe in all it’s breadth is incomprehensible, but what if the purpose of the universe was an entirely different matter. What if the purpose of the universe was something that could be known and understood? I believe it is, and that it’s hidden in just a few words in the Bible. See, the Bible is like a treasure map that leads to the treasure trove of Christ himself and everything else needed to satisfy the human soul. The book of Ephesians is overflowing with such treasures. It’s not in vain that the book is considered by many to be the most majestic theological exposition of all the Scriptures. And why is it considered this? Because in two verses the point of the entire Bible as well as the purpose of the entire universe is revealed. Don’t believe it? Keep reading. Continue reading “The Purpose of Everything”

The Riches of His Grace

EphesiansWhen you think about the grace of God in your life as a believer, how far do you think it goes? I had a conversation recently with someone who has a Christian friend who they believed had possibly gone to far, and wasn’t sure if God’s grace could extend past this sin. Now, my question is if this person who has gone to far is truly a believer, then is God’s grace limited in their life? Does it stretch past all this persons sins, or does it stop at a certain point? Continue reading “The Riches of His Grace”

Happy Reformation Day!

Reformation Day   500 years ago, a man named Martin Luther dug up the truth of the gospel in the Scriptures, and with it, changed the world. His purpose was not to initiate a mass rebellion against the Roman Catholic Church, but he did. Nor did he desire to distribute his 95 theses to the common people, but it happened. Luther was not thinking so grandiose as leading a revolt, but there was no stopping it. The God of the Scriptures cares about his gospel too much, and the representatives of the time were butchering the truth of the Scriptures and promoting their own agenda, so God stepped in and did it through a small man named Martin Luther. Now, I’m a big fan of summaries, so how would we summarize what happened through this movement called the Reformation? Continue reading “Happy Reformation Day!”

The Heart of Christianity

Ephesians-3.1.pngWhat is Christianity? In our day and age, if a random group of people on the street were asked what they believe Christianity is, to be honest, I am afraid of the answers I would hear. There are many people who think Christianity is a set of rules to follow and that all the rules stink. Or that being a Christian means going to church on Sundays, but they don’t want to go to church so they say they will never become a Christian. Tim Keller, the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in N.Y. city has said before that most of the people who reject Christianity actually reject a false view of Christianity. He goes on to say that if you’re going to reject something, wouldn’t you want to reject something for what it actually is? Now, there’s a host of reasons as to why false views of Christianity exist, but one way to help in this dilemma is to play a part somehow in promoting the true view of Christianity, but what really is the true view? Continue reading “The Heart of Christianity”