The Lord of All Storms

alexander-marinescu-Osf-Hu98rxg-unsplash.jpg“And in the fourth watch of the night he came to them, walking on the sea.” Matthew 14:25

Imagine with me: You are in a small boat, people are yelling, cries of fear are barely heard as the tumultuous seas crash on your boat again and again, relentlessly. The storm is surging and there seems to be nothing you can do. The three-fold enemy of chaos, panic, and fear are drowning your will, energy, and soon your very life; yet you must try and stand, but you can’t. It’s just too much. The storm is too strong and you are too weak. Who can stand through such a storm as this? The fourth watch of the night approaches…

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His Glorious Inheritance

Inheritance.jpgReading the book of Ephesians is sort of like climbing Mount Everest. It’s a tough climb, and it’s the highest climb. There’s a lot of work that goes into the preparation before and after. Then comes the climb itself, and it is brutal, but once you’re at the top, it’s so beautiful that you are speechless. Every hardship you just experienced turns to wonder, every trial to triumph, and every pain to pleasure. The below Scripture is tough to climb through, but once you do, once you climb to the top and see the wonder that exists in the Everest of Scripture that is Ephesians, you will be speechless. Continue reading “His Glorious Inheritance”