The Whole Truth

I’ve been teaching in youth ministry for over a year now, and one thing that has stuck out to me is some of the students told me they appreciate being taught about the whole character of God; not just his love and grace but also his wrath and judgment. After a lesson I gave on God’s grace and wrath recently a student told me that in previous youth ministries he’s been a part of they never talked about Hell or God’s judgment. He said he really wanted to, but knew the youth leader wouldn’t discuss these things with him. That’s a red flag if I ever saw one. Continue reading “The Whole Truth”

What is Love?

What is Love?INTRODUCTION – What is love? In a world that throws the word love around, how do we find out what love really is? First, we have to understand that we cannot look to the world to discover our definition of what love is, we have to look to the Scriptures. According to the Scriptures love is not something that we intrinsically have, but it is something that must be given to us. Many unbelievers tell people that they love another person, but according to Scripture, they can’t functionally do that (so we shouldn’t expect unbelievers to really love us). That may sound harsh, but I really think that is what Scripture teaches. Let me try and prove my case. In 1 John it says that if someone does not love they do not know God. This implies that in order to love, someone has to know God. Why? Because only by receiving real love is it possible to give real love. It’s as simple as the fact that if you do not have a glass of water, you will not be able to give someone else a glass of water. In 1 John 4:7-11 we see at least two things about love. We see God’s love for us, and how it operates, and then we see our love for one another, and how it should operate. So let’s take a look.

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