M.Div. (Knox Theological Seminary) 2019

B.A. Ministry: Pastoral Concentration (Palm Beach Atlantic University) 2014

The first thing I would want anyone to know about me is that I love the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel. A brief biography is always tricky because we humans are pretty complex, but if you read no further, the first sentence was the most important. The Lord saved me in 2010 and shortly after that I met my lovely wife, Bri. She is incredibly sweet, funny, and smart. You’d probably think it’s interesting that she has a doctorate in nursing but she’s also sponsored by a company for paddle board fishing. We go fishing a good amount together, which is one of my favorite hobbies as well as surfing, coffee, craft beer, reading books, sports, and playing board games. Yes, drinking coffee and craft beer is a hobby of mine, not merely an interest. I also have to mention I love doing anything with friends, and thankfully my wife and I have pretty much the same best friends, so we get to do a lot together. All these friends would be pretty upset if I didn’t say anything about the fascination I have with Lord of the Rings and other worlds like Narnia. And in case you’re wondering if I am a member of the J.R.R. Tolkien society as well as the C.S. Lewis society, the answer is yes. I can’t really tell you more information than that, but there’s nothing else needful to explain in that area in a brief bio anyway.

More import than my love for Lord of the Rings though, I love truth. To describe my vocational goal in a sentence and thus the reason for this blog is that I want to be a pastor and help Christians to grow in Christ and help non-Christians to come to Christ. Scripture being explained accurately and practically is very much needed in the Church today as well as for people who are skeptical towards Christianity, which there is very much of in our millennial age. I have a deep passion for this, so I hope you find what you read helpful toward that end.

The last thing I’d like to share for now but definitely not the least important is that I love my church family. I’m a member and deacon at a PCA church in West Palm Beach called Truth Point Church. My love for God and my understanding of the Scriptures has grown more than I can communicate here through this ministry. Feel free to visit our website if you have the time: http://www.truthpoint.org

Happy reading!


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