Praying The Scriptures

PrayerThis morning as I spent time reading the Bible, I picked up my pencil and asked God to open my heart to his Word, and began studying.

While I was studying proverbs, I began to pray by writing with my pencil in the side margin. I was deeply moved in my heart and connected well with God.Scripture: “A wise son hears his father’s instruction, but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke.” Prov. 13:1
Prayer: “Make me to love rebuke, O LORD.”

Scripture: “Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life; he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.” Prov. 13:3
Prayer: “God, give me wisdom to guard my mouth for your names sake, I pray.”

I continued in this and wrote down my prayer at times, and other times I did not. Here’s the point: the goal of getting acuainted with the Scriptures is to get intimate with God.

There are so many who read he Bible and forfeit a great joy: consciously moving towards God through the Scriptures by prayer. Scripture is not our one true God, it is the one true path to our one true God.

Now, I want to be very careful, I want to say that studying Scripture in and of itself brings us great joy and peace, but this is because we connect to God. Scripture is never the end, it is the means to an end, namely God.

So I encourage anyone who reads this post to grab your pencil, and while you’re going through the Scriptures, pray by writing in the margins, and consciously move yourself toward God through the Scriptures. Your soul will be warmed, your heart will be filled, and your mind will be at rest, because you have communed with the one true God through the one perfect path we have to God: the Scriptures.

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