Treasuring God

Treasuring sin is obviously wrong for Christians, but the problem in our day seems to be an over desire for things that are neutral. How is it that there are competing neutral objects in our lives which our sinful flesh and the enemy of our souls want us to value and live for more than Christ. By neutral objects I mean all temporal objects which in and of themselves are not bad but can turn into something bad when the heart honors and treasures them above Christ. Paul is helpful in his writings to help the Christian to make the primary aim in life the exaltation of Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father.

Paul knew that we are tempted to exalt fleeting things rather than the everlasting God. These things are cars, money, houses, food, etc. Many Christians don’t realize that they can be tricked into thinking that there could never be something wrong with food, or a nice new car. But I would argue that humans have been designed to place there highest honoring affections on the eternal God alone. Now, is it wrong to enjoy cars, money, houses, or food, etc? Is it wrong to honor our fellow Christian? No, it is not wrong to enjoy these gifts of God or to honor others, but it is wrong to worship them. Paul, in saying that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil. 1:21) shows us that the aim of his life was the exaltation and treasuring of Jesus Christ. Is that your aim in life? Have you thought about what you want your life to aim at? Do not be among the many Christians who go throughout life aimlessly. Know your target and purpose: The exaltation of Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father.

Here are two points of application for us to apply the above:

1. Think about what you treasure the most in life, really think about it. Take one solid minute and do this and come to a conclusion.

2. Pray: “God, please keep my heart from the sin of worshipping anything or anyone but you. Keep my worship in you alone.”

3. Ask a trusted Christian friend this question: “When you think of me, what do you think I value or treasure the most in my life?”

Move forward knowing that the forgiveness of Christ in the gospel is sufficient for you to rest and powerful enough for you to take a stand against idolatry and live to treasure Christ.

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